In this website there are a collection of Photographic Panoramic Views in Virtual Reality from
different location and cities that for one reason or another have called my attention either for
their natural beauty like the gardens of Calderstone Park in Liverpool or the aesthetic beauty
created by an artist like the Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi and the City of Barcelona.
Also there are just simple panoramic views of landscapes and monuments and Time lapses.
The World Wide Panorama (WWP for short) is a non-cormmercial
collection of interactive
panoramic photographies, or VR Panoramas
This growing gallery has been around since 2004, and as of 2020
contains more than 8900 panoramas by more than 1200 photographers, organized in almost
70 events so far.
The WWP is theme-based; every quarter of the year a theme is announced and the
participanting photographers take a panorama whitin a limited time frame that shows their
interpretation of the theme.